Distributed HiFi-quality audio and Control


Axium prides itself on being a real hi-fidelity distributed audio/control system, with a huge attention to sound quality and detail with the ability to provide high quality audio all around the property – from 4 to 96 zones.

Enjoy simple to use square “UK Style” or “USA Style” keypads and touch screens, control your system with Android or Apple apps or integrate Axium into another control system using IP, RS232, or with KNX systems.

Axium gives you the ability to control and integrate your portable music collection too, so whether you want to listen to your favourite CD on the patio, or enjoy entertaining your guests using your digital music collection, Axium is the best solution.

You can also add The Axium R4 Controller to unlock the full potential of the Axium keypads and enhance the ‘’app experience’’. The Axium AX-R4 facilitates 2-way communication between the Axium keypads, Mobile Android and iOS devices and a wide range of 3rd party products bringing Metadata back from these devices to the end user.

The latest and right-up-to-date product in Axiums portfolio is the Axium MINI 4 Streaming Media amplifier system. Compact and ‘easy to hide’, it features four powered zones (expandable to 32) and a useful 15 watts RMS per speaker from two internal digital streaming sources or two external analogue sources.
The two internal streaming inputs connect you to the music on your own home network, NAS drive or PC. You can also stream your music from your portables devices via WiFi, as well as listen to internet radio. Featuring 2 keypad ports, multiple control options and free IOS and Android apps this ‘’little black box’’ is modern audio engineering marvel.


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