TDG Audio

The best custom installers use TDG Audio speakers

The TDG Audio brand is a part of The DaVinci group, which along with the Vanguard Dynamics brand was founded by a group of experienced CE industry leaders specifically to create world class custom loudspeakers for the custom integration marketplace.

TDG products offer industry-leading audio performance and ‘good, better and best’ speaker solutions to suit most popular stereo and home theater applications. The products are designed and specified to offer a better price versus performance ratio than any competitive brands – giving higher performance at more reasonable prices.

As well as offering a wide portfolio of products to fit every job and every budget, TDG Audio products are designed to always be easy and quick to install, and also offer several unique technologies, including EZ HoldTM Tweeter Bridges, NeverRustTM Grilles and STTTM Stereo Tweeters.

The latest innovation is the great sounding TDG SUPERSLIM fully featured yet only 5cm deep in-ceiling speaker. This is a true installer’s ‘problem solver’ when mounting depth is a problem – which is often the case in homes and buildings in our region..

TDG Audio speakers are stocked in our local warehouse so that installers can get the products they need quickly and efficiently.


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